If you're new to ClearEvent and are wondering if our Event Management platform is right for your event, we offer free trials on all of our paid subscription plans. 

A free trial is a great way to explore the ClearEvent platform - at no cost to you - and learn about how ClearEvent can help you run better events. 

Some notes about free trials:

  • Free trials let you explore all features of the ClearEvent plan chosen so you can decide if that plan is right for your event.
  • All free trials are 14 days long.
  • A free trial for the subscription plan you choose is automatically started whenever you create a new event in ClearEvent.
  • Your credit card will not be charged during a free trial. Your credit card is only charged after the trial expires.
  • A credit card is still required to sign up for a free trial. In some cases, Stripe (our payment processing partner) may create a pre-authorization transaction of $1 on your credit card. For free trials, this is needed to verify your payment details. There's no need to worry though, as this charge will be fully refunded.
  • You can change your subscription credit card at any time. Please follow this help guide to learn more.
  • If you decide not to continue after your free trial period, you may cancel your free trial at any point before the trial expiry date. If you cancel your free trial before the expiry date, your credit card will not be charged, and your trial event will be removed. You'll find the cancel button in Event Setup > Billing tab.
  • You'll receive an email to remind you that your free trial is about to expire 3 days before your trial expiry date. The email will have instructions for canceling your trial if you decide not to continue with your paid subscription plan.

If you have any more questions about free trials, please reach out to our friendly support team through the Chat button.

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