Contacts: Delete All

Learn how to delete all contacts from your event.

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ClearEvent allows you to collect contact details both manually, and automatically whenever a ticket or registration order is received. These contact details are stored in the Event Manager App > Contacts section > Contacts tab.

At times, you may need to delete these contact details from ClearEvent. Deleting contacts may be needed if:

  • You roll over your event and no longer wish to keep the contacts from your last event.

  • You have created a copy of an event from an existing event (multi-event subscription plans only) that contained contacts and you wish to remove those contacts.

  • You need to remove all collected contact details for privacy reasons once your event is over.

  • You have a new master list of Contacts you would like to import and want to clean up your existing list of Contacts from the event.

To delete all contacts:

  1. Go to Event Manager App > Contacts section > Contacts tab.

  2. Click the Delete All button.

  3. Type "YES" to confirm your intention to permanently delete all contacts. NOTE: Once deleted, it will not be possible to recover these contact details.

  4. Click OK.

  5. All contacts will be permanently deleted from your event.

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