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2 articles

My Events

Learn how to use the My Events page to see all of the events you are either participating in, or helping to manage.

1 article

Event Portal

Learn how to navigate and use the Event Portal to find important event information for events you are participating in.

18 articles

Event Manager: Getting Started

Get up and running fast with these helpful getting started articles.

6 articles

Event Manager: Dashboard

Learn about the Event Dashboard and how it gives you event oversight at a glance.

8 articles

Event Manager: Event Setup

Learn how to quickly setup a basic event, invite your event team members and manage your billing plan.

16 articles

Event Manager: TODOs

Learn how to track and assign todo items to your event management team.

7 articles

Event Manager: Registration

Learn how to setup event registration forms and manage your event registrants.

41 articles

Event Manager: Tickets

Sell tickets and make money for your event.

17 articles

Event Manager: Invites

Learn how to invite attendees and guests to your event.

7 articles

Event Manager: Messages

Learn how to quickly post messages to your Event Portal and send emails to targeted groups of event participants.

5 articles

Event Manager: Jobs & Tasks

Learn how to create jobs and tasks to help manage event participants like volunteers and staff.

6 articles

Event Manager: Contacts

Learn how to keep all your event contacts in a single place so they can be easily shared with your team.

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Event Manager: Schedules

Learn how to create schedules and publish them to your Event Portal to help communicate important activities at your event.

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Event Manager: Sponsors

Showcase your sponsors on the Event Portal

9 articles

Event Manager: Budget

Learn how to use the Budget section to keep track of your event's revenue and expenses. Automatically track ticket and registration fees as well as your own revenue and expense items.

9 articles

Event Manager: Payments

Learn how to enable payments and start making money by setting up your payment gateway. You can be taking payments in minutes!

13 articles

Event Manager: Promo Codes

Learn how to setup promotional discounts for tickets and registration forms.

3 articles

Event Manager: Branding

Learn how to customize the appearance of your event by changing the branding.

4 articles

Event Manager: Mobile Check-In

Learn how to use the Mobile Check-In feature to quickly check-in ticket holders at your event.

7 articles

Event Manager: Receive Payments

Learn how to collect registration fees, set refund policies, handle refunds, and more...

17 articles

Event Manager: Sell Products

Learn how to add products to your registration forms to sell additional items to your attendees

5 articles

Event Manager: Event Actions

Learn about common event actions like managing recurring events, rolling over your event, managing event licenses, transferring event ownership, and more.

6 articles

Event Manager: Access & Security

Learn how to control access and security for your event.

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Event Manager: Integrations

Learn how to import and export data from ClearEvent.

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Account Management

Learn how to manage your ClearEvent Account, change your password, update your email, and more...

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Learn about general product information, common actions, release notes, application status, minimum requirements and more...

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