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All the Jobs for your event at a glance

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The Jobs tab within the Jobs Section provides a listing of all the defined jobs within your event, as well as the status of the Job Assignments.   

As with all of the listing screens with the ClearEvent application, the list can be filtered, sorted an searched.

Job Assignment Changes & Pending Noficiations

In addition to basic Name, Date & Time, the Job Details column may show a Notification Pending flag.   This indicates that there have been updates to the Job Details, Assignments and or Tasks associated with this Job since the last time participants were notified.  

The Notify Participants button above provides sends an email to the participants assigned to the job(s) where changes have been made and the Notification Pending flag is set.   The email is intended as a friendly notice that there have been updates, with a link to bring the Participant to the Event Portal to view the updates to their job assignments.

Job Assignment Status

The Assignment column, includes a graphical indicator that shows the current status of the assignments for this job.   Red/Yellow/Green colors indicate if you are on track. 

Red indicates you are either well under your target, or if you are over capacity. 

Yellow indicates you're at least half the way to your target (if specified) or your capacity (if target is not specified). 

Finally, Green indicates that you can pat yourself on the back because you've filled your job with participants!

Editing, Copying & Deleting Jobs

Select any job to display the inline menu. You'll then be able to easily edit, copy or delete the selected job.

  • Edit - Click the edit button to configure important job details like where, when and who is assigned.

  • Copy - Click the copy button to make a copy of the selected job. This is useful to quickly setup many similar jobs at different times or dates.

  • Delete - Click the delete button to delete the job and remove any job assignments.

    You can quick-delete (by suppressing the delete confirmation prompt) by holding the SHIFT key and then click the red delete button.

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