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Jobs & Tasks: Assigning Jobs to Registrants
Jobs & Tasks: Assigning Jobs to Registrants

Learn how to assign jobs to your registrants. Easily manage volunteers and staff work assignments.

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ClearEvent allows you to manage jobs and assign registrants to those jobs.

To manage jobs assignments

To access details for a job, go to the Event Manager App > Jobs section > edit a job and click on the Assignments tab. You'll then be able to assign available registrants to the selected job.

  1. The Job start & end date label shows when the job will occur. It is always visible, even when the Assignments tab is selected. 

  2. The job assignment grid heading shows details that make it easy to know if you've met your job assignment goals. The header shows the number of currently assigned registrants, how close you are to your assignment target (if specified), and how close you are to the job assignment capacity (if specified). Red/Yellow/Green colors indicate if you are on track.
    Red indicates you are either well under your target, or if you are over capacity.
    Yellow indicates you're at least half the way to your target (if specified) or your capacity (if target is not specified). Finally,
    Green indicates that you can pat yourself on the back because you've filled your job with registrants! 

  3. The Available Registrants grid has been optimized to show more registrants on screen at once.  Check one or more registrants by clicking in the checkbox.

  4. The Registrant Availability tooltip shows the current job assignments as well as the Availability Periods the registrant selected at the time they registered.
    NOTE: The name of the Availability Period shown in this tooltip reflects the name of the availability period at the time the registration was received. If you need to rename an Availability Period record after registrants have already registered, the new Availability Period name will only apply to new registrants.

  5. Use the Availability indicator column in conjunction with the Registrant Availability tooltip to quickly determine if a registrant is available and if not, what job assignment conflicts they might have.

  6. Once you have selected one or more registrants, click on the Assign Selected button to assign them to the Job.

TIP: Un-selecting the Use Availability checkbox will show all registrants regardless of the Availability Period they selected when they registered.

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