ClearEvent Subscriptions

ClearEvent subscription plans provide access to the great features in ClearEvent's event management system. When choosing a subscription plan, you can choose monthly or annual billing.

What's the difference between a monthly subscription and the annual subscription for the same plan?

Monthly Subscriptions - Great for one-time or non-recurring events

Monthly subscriptions are a great way to start using ClearEvent. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. After canceling your event and subscription will be deleted and your credit card will no longer be charged.

Monthly subscriptions are great for short-run, or one-time events. For example, if you are planning a one-time event, you may only need to access your event details for 6 months and then delete your event afterward. Using a monthly plan will allow you to cancel your subscription and delete the event when it is over.

Consider a monthly plan if your event is a one-time event, a non-recurring event, or you expect you will need access to your event data in ClearEvent for less than 8 months of the year.

Annual Subscription - Great for recurring events

If you run one or more events that happen on a semi-regular or recurring basis and you wish to keep your event data around until your next event, you may want to consider an annual subscription plan. Annual subscription plans require an annual commitment but can also offer up to 33% in annual savings.

For example, if you run an annual conference, choosing an annual subscription plan would allow you to access your event data year-round, and would also save you 33% in subscription savings.

Consider upgrading to an annual plan if your event is a recurring event, or you expect you will need access to ClearEvent for longer than a year.

How do I upgrade my Monthly Subscription to Annual?

To upgrade your monthly subscription:

  1. Sign in to ClearEvent and open the Event Manager App for the event you wish to upgrade.

  2. Navigate to the Event Setup section > Billing tab. This option is only available to Event Owners. The Billing tab will also not be available for customers with pre-assigned subscription plan licenses.

  3. The Billing tab will indicate your current plan. 

  4. To upgrade from a monthly to a yearly plan, click the "Yearly (Save)" button.

  5. Click the Upgrade to Yearly button to proceed. If you are upgrading from a retired free plan, you may be prompted to enter credit card details.

  6. If you have a Coupon Code make sure to enter it before you checkout.

  7. Lastly, click the Upgrade button and your plan will be upgraded! You will be prompted to confirm your upgrade.

Any remaining balance from your current billing period will be prorated at the time of your subscription plan upgrade.

Happy Planning!

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