Now that you have run your event in ClearEvent, many of the things you need are already setup in ClearEvent. ClearEvent makes it very easy to "Roll your event over", carrying over key elements from your event including Registration Forms, Tickets, Todo items, Schedules, Messages, Budget, Jobs, and more. 

You be ready to run your next event in no time!

Before You Rollover Your Event

Rolling over your event cannot be undone so it's important to review the following considerations prior to rolling over your event. Once your event has been rolled over, some event information will be reset. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when rolling over your event. 

  • Event Debrief: If you plan on doing event debriefs, schedule them with your team and complete them before rolling your event over. That way you'll have all the important event details from your recently past event at your fingertips.
  • Issue Refunds: If you charge participants to attend your event and have outstanding refunds to issue, you should always issue these refunds before rolling over your event. It's good practice to issue refunds as soon as possible and not wait too long. Once an event has been rolled over, refunds for past events can only be done through your Stripe Dashboard.
  • Decide when to rollover: When your event is finished, you don't need to rollover your event right away. You can wait until you're ready to start planning the next occurrence of your event.
  • Export event data: Before you rollover your event, consider exporting any data from your current event that you may find useful for historical purposes. This may include your Budget, Jobs & Job Assignments, Participants, Todo's, etc. For a complete list of what can be exported, please review this help article
  • Message current participants: If you wish to send a message to participants of the current event (e.g. a thank you message, a promotional message for the next event, etc.) you should do this before you rollover the event, since rolling over the event will clear the list of current participants.
  • Adjust your budget: Before you rollover, we recommend you review your budget and adjust the Budgeted Unit Cost or Budgeted Quantity columns based on the current values in the Actuals columns. You'll likely have learned a few cost lessons that you'll want to account for the next time you run the event. For example, if you budgeted to sell 100 t-shirts @ $25, but actually only sold 15 t-shirts, you may wish to reduce the Budgeted Quantity or reduce the Budgeted Unit Cost to more accurately represent expected revenue for your next event.

If you have questions about rollover, feel free to contact the ClearEvent Customer Success Team for help here or use the in-app chat.

How Do I Rollover My Event?

  1. Go to Event Setup > Admin.
  2. Click the Rollover Event button.
  3. Adjust the name of the event. For example, "11th Annual Gala Event" could be changed to "12th Annual Gala Event". The event name can still be changed after you rollover.
  4. Enter the new Start and End dates for your event.
  5. Review the Summary of how the dates for all your event data will be adjusted.
  6. Press Next.
  7. BAM! The event data will be updated, and your new event will be ready for you and your team!

What Happens When I Rollover My Event?

ClearEvent takes care of many aspects related to setting up your event as part of Rollover process. The following actions will be performed automatically as part of the rollover:

  1. The Event Portal for your event will be automatically closed. You can re-open it at any time.
  2. Your event team members (event administrators) will remain for your event and will have the same security access as before.
  3. All dates will be adjusted. The difference between the old event start date/time and the new event start date/time will be calculated. All dates in the event will be adjusted by this difference. For example, if the new event opens one (1) year after the open date of the old event, all dates on Todos, Schedules, Jobs & Tasks, etc. will be moved forward by one (1) year as well.
  4. Your Budget will carry forward. All categories and line items will be the same. The Description, Budgeted Unit Cost, Budgeted Quantity, GL Code and Notes fields will be the same. Smart Budget Line items will be the same as last time. All actual values will be reset. 
  5. Existing TODO items will be copied over and modified according to the following rollover setting specified for each TODO item:
    - Copy todo to next event and reset: The todo will be included in the TODO list for next event and marked as not done. The due date, if present, will be rolled forward as described above.
    - Copy todo to next event as is: The todo will be included in the TODO list for the next event, unchanged.
    - Do not copy: The todo will not appear in the TODO list for next event.
  6. All current Registration Forms will be unpublished. Your existing forms will be copied. Forms can then be modified for the next event if needed and then published when you are ready to open your event registration. 
  7. All current Tickets will be unpublished. Your existing tickets will be copied. Tickets can then be modified for the next event if needed and then published when you are ready to sell tickets. 
  8. All Participants will be removed from the event.
  9. All Invites are will remain and be set to Draft status. Invitees are set to Pending status. Any custom dates used in the invite will be adjusted.
  10. All Contacts will remain unchanged. Contacts from your prior events are available for the new event and contacts added in your new event will be available for the next event after that.
  11. All Jobs (including Tasks) will be copied over. All dates for the Job and Tasks will be adjusted. Job Assignments will be removed so that Jobs & Tasks will be ready to be assigned to new participants that register for your new event.
  12. All Messages will be copied over and will be unpublished.  NOTE: If you need to message existing participants, ensure you do this before you rollover your event. 
  13. The last occurrence (running) of your event will be listed in My Events list in the Past Events tab. 
  14. Editing of past events is disabled.
  15. Your current event will be listed in My Events in the Recent Events tab.

As you can see, ClearEvent takes a lot of the effort out of setting up your next event. You can then quickly make any needed adjustments to the rolled over event and you'll be ready to run again in no time!

Did You Rollover Too Soon?

If you do rollover your event and decide that you did this too soon, please contact ClearEvent Support immediately for assistance. We may be able to roll your event back, provided you have not made changes to the new event created as part of the rollover operation.

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