ClearEvent lets you and your team export existing data from the ClearEvent platform. We believe that you own your data, so we've built some great data export features that make it easy for you to get your data out of ClearEvent at any time.
Exporting data is useful if your need to work some magic on your data in Excel, or share it with your team or even a third-party.

Getting Started

At times, you may need certain information from ClearEvent in it's raw form. It's trivial to export data using our 1-click Export button.

Where can I Export Data From ClearEvent

You can export the following types of data with ClearEvent:

  1. TODO's

  2. Contacts

  3. Jobs (Job Assignments)

  4. Budget

  5. Participants

  6. Tickets Orders/Holders

To Export Data:

Exporting data from ClearEvent can be accomplished by following a few simple steps:

  1. In the Event Manager, open one of the sections listed above in Where can I Export Data From ClearEvent

  2. From the toolbar click the Export button (if exporting Participants, you'll be asked to choose the Participant Type you wish to export). 

  3. Your web browser will then display a prompt at the bottom of the browser window (look closely!) asking you to save the downloaded .CSV file that contains your exported data. 

  4. That's it! Once you save the file, you'll be able to open it with Excel.

  5. Don't forget to scroll right as there could be a lot of data in the file with many columns (some blank) that make it look empty in places.

Example: Exporting TODOs

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