The Messages section in Event Manager provides an effective way to make announcements and communicate with event attendees.

Accessing The Messages Section

To use the Messages section, you must be assigned one of the following roles:

  • Event Owner
  • Event Admin
  • Communications Manager

If you are not in these roles, you will not see the Messages section link in the navigation pane.

Why Is Communication So Hard?

Many event organizers struggle to communicate with their attendees due to a number of challenges:

  • Email communications that target everyone tend to communicate too much information, the majority of which isn't applicable to every attendee. As a result, emails don't get read.
  • Sending targeted messages to each registrant type is hard since this list changes all the time as new attendees sign up.
  • Maintaining multiple mailing lists in an email marketing tool can be time-consuming since you need to keep this in sync with your registration or ticketing data.
  • Posting messages on a website can often require a technical resource (like your webmaster) to be involved.
  • Tracking who received certain communications is error-prone, making it's all too easy to accidentally send the same message multiple times to the same attendee.

Using The Messages Section To Streamline Communications

The Messages section manages all of the communication details for you and your team. With the Messages feature, you can:

  1. Send targeted bulk emails to specific types of recipients (any registrant type, ticket buyer, or ticket holder).
  2. Recipient lists are automatically kept up-to-date as attendees register or buy tickets for your event.
  3. Send a message via email to only newly received attendees.
  4. Post a copy of your message to your Event Portal so that attendees always have access to the latest messages.

To learn more about using the Messages feature, check out these helpful articles:

Rolling Over Your Event

When your event is over, you'll want to rollover your event. When this happens, all of your messages will be unpublished and will be copied to the next event.

This makes it easy to reuse many of your messages the next time around. Simply, edit your message to make any necessary adjustments, then re-publish the message to share it with your event's current attendees.

For more information, please read this rollover help article.  

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