The Messages section in Event Manager provides an effective way to make announcements and communicate with all or specific types of participants who have registered for your event.

To use the Messages section, you will need to be in any of the following roles: Event Owner, Event Admin or Communications Manager roles. If you are not in these roles, you will not see the Messages section link in the navigation pane.

Why not just send emails to everyone?  

Sure, that will work and is how most event organizers, who are not using the ClearEvent platform communicate with their participants. To send emails you'll may need to maintain multiple email lists and possibly send the same message multiple times to ensure all your participants get the required messages, regardless of when they signed up.

The Message section manages all this for you, publishing your messages on the event portal. Click an item in the following list for details on using Messages

Rolling Over Your Event

When your event is over, you'll want to rollover your event. When this happens, all of your messages will be unpublished and will be copied to the next event. You'll often want to reuse many of your messages the next time around, so this feature makes it easy to edit and re-publish the message to your new event participants. For more information, please read this rollover help article.  

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