The Jobs section is one of the most powerful features of the ClearEvent platform.   Primarily, Jobs are used to manage work assignments at your event for registrant types like volunteers or staff. Jobs help to communicate these work assignments to registrants.

Common types of jobs you may wish to assign to registrants may include:

  • Registration Desk
  • Information Kiosk
  • Crowd Control
  • Stage Setup
  • Event Teardown
  • Security Control
  • A/V Setup
  • Collect On-site Surveys
  • and many more...

The Jobs section makes it easy to define jobs, assign registrants to those jobs, and communicate job details, tasks, and assignment changes to your registrants.

When to use Jobs

Not all events have jobs to manage. Use of the Jobs section to assign work to registrants is completely optional. Events that use the Jobs section typically:

  • Have a large number of volunteers they need to manage.
  • Have a large number of staff that need to be assigned specific tasks
  • Wish to communicate job assignment details ahead of their event with specific types of registrants to help reduce on-site training requirements.
  • Need to track that specific tasks have been accomplished.
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