The Job Assignment Widget shows how many jobs assignments have been filled for your event, and how well each job is resourced with helpers and volunteers. This is the best indicator of whether there are enough resources applied to get all of your jobs done.

Using jobs & tasks is the best way to make sure all your helpers and volunteers are deployed optimally. In the Jobs section, define your jobs, then assign participants to each one as needed. You can do your assignments as people register or wait and do your job assignments closer to your event start date. 

The radial chart in this widget uses colors to highlight jobs that need attention. 

  • Red indicates the number of jobs that have less than half the people they need.
  • Yellow indicates the number of jobs that have between half and all the people they need. 
  • Green shows the number of jobs that are fully allocated and have the people they need.

Clicking on each colored segment takes you to a filtered view of just those jobs. So for example, clicking on the Red segment takes you to a list of all the jobs that don't have enough people assigned to them yet.

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