When a new Message is composed, the default Visibility is set to Draft by default. Once you're happy with the provided Subject, Summary and Body of the message, you're ready to publish the message. 

Not all subscription plans support this feature. Click here for details.

Publishing a message makes it visible on the Event Portal and will optionally allow you to send an email notification to any approved participants.

Publishing A New Message

To publish the message click the Published button. This will change the visibility flag so that the message will appear on your Event Portal.

If you wish to remove a published message from the Event Portal, just click the Draft button to change the visibility flag back to the Draft status and the message will no longer be displayed on the Event Portal.

Only approved participants will be able to view messages posted to the Event Portal when a specific participant type has been specified. Pending or declined registrants will not be able to view private message on the Event Portal.

Sending An Email Notification

Once a message has been published, you have the ability to notify approved participants that a new message is available for viewing. Simply click on the Send Email button and ClearEvent will send an email to all approved participant types that you included in the To setting. You may select more than one participant type.

Registrants who have not yet been approved (are pending or declined) will not receive message notification emails.

Re-sending An Email Notification

Once an email notification has been sent for a published message, ClearEvent will keep track of which participants have received it. If you click "Send Email" to resend the email, you will be prompted to either :

  1. Resend the email notification to only approved participants added since the last email was sent, or...
  2. Resend the email to all selected approved participants.

What Does A Message Notification Email Include?

Email notification messages will include the following information:

  • Message Subject: The subject line of the message.
  • Message Summary: The message summary specified for the message. The full message can only be viewed by clicking the message details link to load the message on the Event Portal.
  • Message Detail Link: All message will include a link back to the Event Portal to allow the full message to be displayed. The Message Body, Custom Message Link and Message Attachment (if any) can only be viewed through the Event Portal.

Example: Message Notification Email

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