As an event attendee, a ClearEvent account allows you to participate in event and access information for events that are run on the ClearEvent platform. 

The ClearEvent platform helps event organizers accept & manage ticket sales, registrations, event logistics, and much more.

A ClearEvent account:

  • Is required if you wish to attend an event that is run on the ClearEvent platform.

  • Is automatically created for you if one does not exist whenever you register or buy a ticket for an event.

  • Stores only basic personal information: Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Billing Address. Please note: Event organizers may request additional personal details from you at checkout for their own planning needs.

  • Allows you to quickly buy tickets, or register again for any event on the ClearEvent platform.

  • Is used to track other events you attend and to keep those event details secure.

  • Enables event organizers to share private messages & event details with you directly. 

For more details, please review our Privacy Policy.

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