If you wish to cancel an event subscription plan, you should log into the Event Manager and choose the event associated with the subscription plan to cancel.

Why would you need to cancel an event subscription?

A few common reasons may for needing to cancel an event subscription are:

  • The event was a one-time event and has completed.

  • The event needed to be canceled for any number of reasons (poor attendance, weather, force of nature, COVID, etc.)

  • Your free trial expired and you decided not to continue. We hope that's not the case, but if it is let's chat! Just click the chat bubble (below right) to speak with an event expert.

If cost is a reason for canceling, have you considered a yearly subscription to save even more? See annual pricing plan details.

If you have questions about your subscription please schedule a call to discuss with us now.

Cancel an event subscription & delete an event

If you still wish to cancel your subscription and delete your event:

  1. Go to the Event Manager App > Event Setup section > Billing tab.

  2. Scroll down.

  3. Click the Cancel Subscription & Delete Event button.

Consider the following before canceling your subscription & deleting your event:

Before you can delete your event, you'll need to be sure the following is true: 

  • Your event data will be deleted and will no longer be accessible once you have canceled your subscription and deleted your event. It's important to export your data before canceling your subscription.

  • You must be the Event Owner (this is the only role that can cancel an event subscription & delete the event). If you are not an Event Owner, please contact the Event Owner and ask them to cancel your subscription and delete the event.

  • All live registrations and ticket orders must be declined or canceled, or the event must have ended before you can cancel your subscription and delete the event data.

  • If you have taken live payments, be sure to issue any necessary refunds before you cancel your subscription and delete your event. Once your event is deleted, you can only issue refunds from your Stripe dashboard.

  • We typically recommend waiting 30-60 days after your event has finished before deleting your event in the case late refund requests are received. This amount of time mostly depends on your refund policy.

Here's what will happen after your subscription is canceled and your event is deleted:

  • The recurring subscription plan will be canceled. Your credit card will no longer be charged at the next billing cycle.

  • The event will be deleted from the ClearEvent platform. Event Managers and attendees will no longer be available to access the Event Manager App or Event Portal for this event.

  • You will receive an email confirmation that the event subscription plan has been canceled and the event is deleted.

  • Your personal ClearEvent account will remain active. If you wish to cancel your personal ClearEvent account, please follow these steps once you have canceled your subscription and deleted your event.

Need help?

If you have any questions about canceling your subscription and deleting your event, chat with us first!

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