Once you have set up your event in ClearEvent, you have the option of opening the built-in Event Portal

The Event Portal is a web application that runs on any modern mobile and desktop device and can serve as a useful tool to help communicate important event details to event attendees.

Before opening your Event Portal:

Prior to opening your Event Portal, we always recommend that you review your event to make sure you're done setting it up and that it offers a welcoming experience to your guests when they visit it.

  1. Open the Event Manager App and review your event settings in the Event Setup section. This includes checking the event start/end date, event summary & description, adding event contacts & details, event locations, etc. If your event has multiple locations (e.g. Headquarters, Mailing Address, etc...), make sure you flag the primary location so it's displayed clearly on your Event Portal.
  2. It's always nice to post a general welcome message using the Messages section.
  3. While you may not always have the details early-on, it's a good idea to post a general event schedule using the Schedules section. This will help registrants understand the high-level event schedule. Later, you can post more details registrant-specific schedules as needed.
  4. If you expect attendees to buy tickets, check that the correct tickets have been created and published in the Tickets section. 
  5. If you expect attendees to register using a registration form, check that the correct forms have been created and published in the Registration section. 

How To Open The Event Portal:

  1. Before you open your Event Portal, review the tips above.
  2. To open the Event Portal, Go to the Event Manager App > Event Setup section > General tab.
  3. Click the Open Event Portal button.
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