This article applies only to customers who have purchased licenses through our volume license purchase program.

If you have purchased licenses through our volume license purchase program, your event licenses will be assigned to your organization and available to manage through the Manage Organizations menu item. 

What is an Organization?

An "Organization" helps to group licenses owned by the same entity (a person, company, non-profit, club, etc.) together in one place. This is helpful if you use ClearEvent to run events for different organizations and wish to keep your event licenses and billing separate.

What is an Event License?

Each event hosted in ClearEvent requires its own event license. An Event License allows you to use the ClearEvent platform to run a single event, as many times as you like, one after another, within the license subscription period.

How to view your organization's Event Licenses

To see all the event licenses for each organization that you administer:

  • From the Manage Organizations screen, select the name of your organization and click the Edit (pencil) button.

  • Click the Licenses tab to view all currently assigned licenses.

How to create a new event using an Event License

To create a new event, you must use one of the licenses you purchased to create the event.

Once your licenses are provisioned, they will be available in the Manage Organizations > Licenses section like so:

NOTE: If you create your events through the My Events list > Create Event button, or from the page directly, your purchased licenses will not be used and your credit card will be charged once the free trial ends. Please be sure to always create your events from the Manage Organizations > Licenses page to avoid any additional subscription charges.

Create a new event directly from an existing license

  1. From the Licenses column, locate an available license ("Not Assigned").

  2. To create the event immediately, click the + Create Event link. This will start the Create Event Wizard and will allow you to create the new event. In addition to being an Organization Administrator, you'll also become the Event Owner for this particular event.

  3. The Create Event Wizard will then be displayed to guide you through the event creation process.

Send an event license to another person to allow them to create a new event

  1. From the Licenses column, locate an available license ("Not Assigned").

  2. To assign the license to another person who you would rather be the Event Owner, click the Send License Invite link and enter the email of the person who should receive the license.

  3. The invitee will then receive an email containing a link that will allow them to claim this license and create their event. To accept the invite, the invitee must simply click the link in the email. If they are new to ClearEvent, they will be prompted to create a new ClearEvent Account, and will then be assigned to the Event Owner role. Existing ClearEvent Account holders may use their existing accounts if they wish. Finally, the invitee will be redirected to the Create Event Wizard to finish create their new event using the assigned license.

Using the Create Event Wizard

Whenever a license is used to create a new event, the Create Event Wizard will be displayed. The wizard will allow you to create a new event using the assigned event license key.

To finish creating your event, simply follow the prompts and enter the required information into the Create Event Wizard and then click the NEXT button.

If you wish to use an existing event from your organization as a template to create your new event, select the name of the event you wish to copy from the Copy From dropdown list field.

NOTE: You must be an Event Owner or Event Administrator of the event you are copying from before it will appear in the Copy From dropdown list.

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