If you have purchase licenses through our enterprise plan or or bulk purchase program, your event licenses will be assigned to your organization. 

INFO: An "Organization" helps group licenses owned by the same entity (a company, non-profit, club, etc.) together. Each event hosted in ClearEvent requires an event license. 

To create a new event, you'll need to use one of the licenses you purchased to create the event.

How To View Your Organizations License

To see all the licenses for each organization that you administer:

  • Sign in to ClearEvent and go to the My Events list.
  • From the dropdown menu (top right), choose Manage Organizations.
  • From the Manage Organizations screen, select the name of your organization and click the Edit (pencil) button.
  • Click the Licenses tab to view all currently assigned licenses.

Create Event From An Existing License

  1. From the Licenses column, locate an available license ("Not Assigned").
  2. To create the event immediately, click the + Create Event link. This will start the Create Event Wizard and will allow you to create the new event. In addition to being an Organization Administrator, you'll also become the Event Owner for this particular event.
  3. If you wish to assign the license to another person who you would rather be the Event Owner, click the "Send Event License" link and enter the email of the person who should receive the license. The invitee will then receive an email containing a link that will allow them to claim this license and create their event. The invitee will become the Event Owner.

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