If you are using ClearEvent's Job Assignments features to manage participants like volunteers or staff, there are times where you may wish to export a list of filled and unfilled job assignments. Having a list of Job Assignments is great to have when you are on-site at your event or just to see all Job Assignments at a glance. 

Provided you have set up jobs in the Jobs section, ClearEvent can export a complete list of all job assignments details.

Export Job Assignments:

  1. Open the Event Manager App.
  2. Go to the Jobs section > Jobs tab.
  3. Click the Export button. 
  4. Your web browser will then download the exported list of filled and unfilled jobs and prompt you to open or save the file. 

To change the default sort order you can open the export into Excel and modify the sort using this technique:

  1. Click on the Sort & Filter button then Custom Sort...
  2. Click Add Level as needed to include the columns you want to sort by.
  3. Choose the Column name.
  4. Click OK.
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