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Minimum Requirements
Minimum Requirements

Describes the minimum requirements needed to access the ClearEvent platform.

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ClearEvent runs in all modern “evergreen” web browsers on all major platforms (Windows, Mac and Unix). 

ClearEvent also runs on all modern mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone).

If you're using a old web browser, you'll need to upgrade to a modern browser before you'll be able to register for an event, or use the Event Manager web application.

We highly recommend a secure modern browser like Google Chrome, which automatically stays up-to-date for you.

Minimum Requirements

  • Chrome 23 or newer, Safari 6 or newer, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or newer, Microsoft Edge 13 or newer, Firefox 17 or newer.

  • Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled.

  • Your web browser must have Cookies enabled.

  • You must be connected to the Internet.

Having Problems?

The web can be a strange place. If you're having problems accessing ClearEvent and believe you're using a modern browser, please contact us using the In App Chat or submit a Support Request.

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