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Event Portal: My Jobs

Discover jobs and tasks that have been assigned to you by the event team.

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When you register for an event as a participant, such as a volunteer, vendor, sponsor or worker, the event may choose to assign work to you through the ClearEvent platform. ClearEvent assigns participants to Jobs & Tasks to help delegate work. 

As the excited participant that you are, you'll of course want to know ahead of time what Jobs & Tasks what you'll be doing at the event. When you're assigned to a Job or Task, the details will automatically become visible under the My Jobs page once you sign in to the Event Portal.


  • Job & task details can only be accessed once signed in to the Event Portal. Accordingly, the My Jobs button will not be visible to visitors that are not signed in to the Event Portal as participants. 

  • Event Admins will see a listing of ALL Jobs and Tasks when they view Jobs in the Event Portal.

Viewing Job Details

To see the details for an assigned job, select any job from the My Jobs list to open the Job Details page.

You'll be able to access a description of the job, see where and when it is, special instructions and also a list of assigned tasks that you (and possibly others assigned to the job) will be responsible for completing. 

Other participants may be assigned to the same job as you. In this case, you'll notice a Team section that will list fellow participants. Provided the event requires participants to check-in upon arrival, you may see a solid green icon next to their name. This simply indicates that the participant has checked-in and should be available.

Completing Assigned Jobs & Tasks

When you arrive on-site to your job, you can help the event organizer understand how things are progressing by scrolling to the bottom of the job and marking items in your Assigned Tasks list as Done.

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