As an Event Organizer, you may encounter individuals that want to attend your event, but are unable or unwilling to register themselves online. This may happen when: 

  1. The individual may not have access to a computer, may not have an email address (gasp... we know!), or may simply be afraid of all things modern. 

  2. You have special guests (VIPs) that you don't want to ask to fill out a registration form.

  3. You may have people that have already signed up for your event prior to switching your event to ClearEvent and now you want to add them to the system.

Regardless of the reason you need to manually register a guest, it's to the benefit of the event to have everyone registered in ClearEvent so all your registrations are in one place

The good news, is that it's easy to manually register on behalf of another individual. 

How to manually register on behalf of another person?

Let's say you wish to register a VIP guest ("Clara Evans") for your "FinTech Summit" event.

To do this:

  1. Open the registration form for the event.
    NOTE: If you are already signed in using your ClearEvent Account, in the Registrant Details section of the registration form, you'll see a "Copy from my account" button. Since you are registering on behalf of someone else, you can ignore this button.

  2. In the Registrant Details section, enter Clara's personal details into the registration form and fill-in all required fields. The Registrant Email field is required to complete the registration. You should provide Clara's email address so that she receives the registration confirmation email and other communications that ClearEvent may send on behalf of your event.

  3. Click the Register now button.

  4. When the registration is received, a new ClearEvent Account (see below) will be created automatically for Clara (if one does't already exist) and she will be registered for your event. Clara will then receive a registration confirmation email.

Other considerations

If the registration form requires online payment

In this case you'll need to have the registrant's payment details handy to be able to complete the registration form.

IMPORTANT: You'll need to ensure that you collect payment details securely. Do not send credit card or payment details over email or an unsecured internet connection. It's best to collect payment details person-to-person over the phone and enter them directly into the registration form (do not write them down). ClearEvent does not recommend manually registering individuals when payment details are required since this requires manually collecting and entering the registrants payment details, which creates security risks. Stripe, our online payment processor, makes it clear that this approach should only be done occasionally. When you manually collect card information and enter it into a registration form, Stripe isn’t able to verify that you are keeping this information secure—so you’re responsible for ensuring that you protect your customers’ card information in accordance with the PCI compliance requirements.

If a registrant has already paid (by cash, EFT, check, etc.)

If the registrant has previously paid and your registration form only has on-line payment options, you can create a hidden "Offline" Special Access Fee and then use the "Offline" Special Access Link when you register on behalf of the registrant.

By first adding a new "Offline" Special Access Fee to your registration form, you'll be able to avoid entering credit card details when you register on their behalf and can then track the receipt of this payment manually.

How to register attendees that don't have an email address

If you don't have an email address for the registrant, we generally do not recommend that you register the attendee in ClearEvent because the system will have no way to deliver registration confirmation messages, or send any additional communications that may be sent on behalf of your event. 

If you really must register a guest that does not have an email address, please choose one of the following approaches:

Use your own email
You can use your own email address when prompted to register your guest. Just be sure to enter the registrants personal details into the form instead of your own personal details. With this approach, no additional ClearEvent account will be created.

Once you manually sign up on behalf of a registrant, all emails and event communications for the registrant will be sent to your email address.

Use a Google gmail alias
If you really must register a guest that does not have an email address, we highly recommend setting up a gmail account to use as a dummy email for these types of registrants (e.g. ""). 

Then, when you manually sign up on behalf of a registrant, be sure to enter an email address for the participant like "". Note the addition of "+ClaraEvans" to the email. This is a neat trick that automatically creates an email aliases for "". All email sent to "" will really just be sent to your "" inbox. This way, you will have a copy of the receipt that you can print for the attendee if needed.

What is a ClearEvent Account?

The ClearEvent system requires that each registrant have their own ClearEvent Account.  A ClearEvent Account:

  • Helps the ClearEvent system keep registrants updated about your event.

  • Keeps registrant details, job assignments, messages, etc.. private.

  • Allows you to check-in a registrant and know that they are on-site at your event.

  • Allows a registrant to access personalize event details from your Event Portal. 

When you add registrants manually, ClearEvent will automatically attempt to associate the manual registration with an existing ClearEvent Account, provided the emails match. If there is no ClearEvent Account found, a new ClearEvent Account will be created for the registrant and their registration will be associated with it.  

When a new ClearEvent Account is created, ClearEvent will send the registrant an email containing the ClearEvent Account details and password reset instructions. 

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