At times, you may find it necessary to delete old data from the ClearEvent platform. This may be needed if old jobs, forms, message, etc. are no longer needed. To help make this a less tedious task, ClearEvent offers a "quick-delete" option to help make deleting data faster. 

You can quick-delete most data from the system whenever you see a red delete button. 

For example:

To quick delete, simply hold the Shift key on your keyboard and then click or tap the red delete button. This will suppress the normal delete confirmation dialog and simply delete the data immediately.

Warning: Deleting data is a permanent operation and cannot be undone. Please use caution when using the quick-delete feature. 

Where does Quick Delete work?

Quick delete is available in the Event Setup, Todos, Forms, Jobs, Contacts, Schedules, Budget, and Messages section.

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