We'll list important information about ClearEvent's platform availability here.

Current Status:

All Systems Normal

Active Incidents:

  • None

Past Incidents:

2019-07-10 21:14 - 22:47 UTC (Resolved) 

  • Stripe (our payment processor is experiencing elevated error rates and response times with their payment API. This may affect some events ability to collect online payments. We are in contact with the Stripe team and will post updates as soon as we know more.

2019-05-02 19:43 - 22:35 UTC (Resolved)

  • ClearEvent's hosting partner (Microsoft Azure) experienced degraded service availability caused by a nameserver delegation change affecting DNS resolution. These changes impacted a subset of downstream Microsoft services which ClearEvent relies on. As a result, some customers visiting our corporate website (clearevent.com) may have experienced intermittent availability which may have limited their access to the ClearEvent platform. ClearEvent's Event Manager Application and Event Portal remained fully functional during this time period. 

2019-02-14 05:50 AM UTC - 2:10 PM (Resolved)

  • A number of users going to the ClearEvent web site and Event Manager site have experienced intermittent errors attempting to sign in or browse the event manager application. The support team worked quickly to restore functionality to all users as well as took additional actions to prevent any future recurrence.

2018-08-01 07:30 AM UTC (Resolved)

  • A small number of ticket buyers and/or registrants may not be able to submit their payment details to complete their ticket order or registration. Our engineers are working with our Payment Provider as a top priority to resolve the issue. We will post an update here 

2018-05-17 03:41 PM UTC - 06:26 PM UTC (Resolved)

  • ClearEvent's email provider experienced elevated email delivery error rates. This may have temporarily affected email delivery for registration confirmation notification emails. The issue is now resolved and connectivity affecting access to their system has been restored. 

2017-04-18 (Resolved)

  • Summary of impact: Some participants attempting to register for an event using the Event Portal > Register link may have seen a message "No public registration forms have been published". Registration was still possible using the direct registration form link or if the participant was signed in using a ClearEvent account.

  • Root cause: An overzealous security check in latest deployment temporarily prevented some registrants from seeing the list of registration forms on the Event Portal.

  • Mitigation: Our engineers worked quickly to identify and deploy an emergency hotfix to correct the issue. All systems are now functioning normally and all published/active registration forms are available from the Event Portal.

2016-09-15 (Resolved)

  • Summary of impact: Between 11:18 UTC and 13:00 UTC on 15 Sep 2016, ClearEvent's hosting partner experienced degraded DNS service availability. Some customers may have experienced intermittent access to the ClearEvent platform.  

  • Root Cause: A spike in networking traffic was experienced at ClearEvent's hosting partner, which caused service-level drops for the DNS service. This resulted in connectivity issues for services reliant on DNS. Once network mitigation was implemented, most services fully recovered.   

  • Mitigation: The DNS issues were self-healed by our hosting partner's platform. 

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