The My Events page lists all the events you are involved with in one convenient location.

You may be both planning events using ClearEvent and participating in events that are also being run with ClearEvent. In this case, the My Events page will list both the event you’re registered to participate in (say as a competitor) as well as the event that you are managing.

Accessing your events

Launch the My Events list by visiting in a web browser.

TIP: You can bookmark the following link or pin it to your home screen so it’s easy to get back to your events list: 

Alternately, you can always reach My Events by visiting the ClearEvent website at and then clicking on the Sign In link at the top-right of the web page. After you sign in, the My Events page will load.

Upcoming & Past Events

The two tabs on your My Events page list all of your upcoming events and all your past events.

What Can I Do From Here?

Manage An Event

If you are an Event Manager for any of the events listed, a Manage button will be present on the right side of the event listing in My Events.

In the example above, you can see that Clara is only an Event Manager (Event Owner actually) for the ClearEvent: Avocado Festival and the Forest Adventure Race because those are the only events that also have a Manage button present.

Clicking the Manage button will take you to the Event Manager, were you can then help your team plan & run your event.

Create A New Event

You can create a new event in ClearEvent at any time. This is great when you have multiple different events that you want to use ClearEvent to help plan & run. 

To create a new event, simply click the “+ New Event” button and you will be led through a few easy steps to set up your new Event.

Creating a new event only takes a few minutes and then you’ll be on your way! When you’re done, your new event will be listed on your My Events page.

TIP: Rolling Over Your Event.
When your event is over, there’s actually no need to create a new event. In this case, use the rollover event feature. In a single click, this feature will help you “roll your event over” and get it ready to run all over again. 

This saves a huge amount of effort when your event planning cycle resets for the next time.

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