ClearEvent is a single system for your whole event! Everyone in your event can use ClearEvent to share information and get the information they need.
Your event team can use ClearEvent's Event Manager App to plan & run your event from start to finish. Your team has access to great features like event budgeting, registration tracking, volunteer management, messaging, event schedules and more!
Participants that register to attend your event can access important event details through ClearEvent's built-in Event Portal. Participants can access personalized event schedules, event locations, job assignments, messages and more! The public can also visit your event portal to learn about your event and register to attend. The Event Portal runs on phones, tablets and computers so everyone can access what they need wherever they are. 

Communication with participants is a snap using ClearEvent! Imagine a world where your participants no longer need to dig through their inboxes to find important event details you've emailed them! Participants get everything you share with them on your Event Portal which connects seamlessly to the Event Manager application and is always up-to-date with the latest news and announcements you post.
 ClearEvent has a complete set of event management features, including:

  • A Registration system
  • A TODOs manager for your whole event team
  • A Jobs and Tasks manager
  • A Participant Manager
  • A smart event Budget
  • A Contact manager to help with marketing your event
  • A Dashboard to let you know what needs attention.

When your event is over, everything you have setup in ClearEvent can be "rolled over", ready for next time. Just set the dates for the next occurrence of your event and ClearEvent updates every date and prepares everything for next time including your Event Portal, Registration Forms, TODOs, Jobs, Tasks, Messages, and Schedules!

Event Team

The event team is made up of Event Managers who are permitted plan & run the event using ClearEvent's Event Manager App

Event Managers can be granted access to all of the Event Manager App, or just parts of it, using ClearEvent's easy-to-use security roles. Event Managers assigned to either the Event Owner or Event Admin security role can invite one or more team members into ClearEvent to help them plan & run their event. 

Learn how to add new team members here.
Learn how to setup Security Roles here.


Participants in your event are of two types:

  • Registered participants - people who register with your event by completing a registration form that you have set up in ClearEvent's Forms manager.
  • Unregistered participants (or the public) - Typically these are "anonymous" attendees who attend your event, but do not register with your event. Examples may include ticket holders, the public or venue staff.

Learn how to set up registration forms here.
Learn how to manage participants here.

Planning and Running your event in ClearEvent.

A detailed article on planning and running your event in ClearEvent is found here.

Communicating with Participants

Communicate with ALL of your attendees and participants using ClearEvent's Event Manager App and ClearEvent's built-in Event Portal!

Event Portal

The Event Portal combines the best of an event website and more traditional stand-alone mobile "event apps". More importantly, the Event Portal provides personalized event details to each of your participants! 

The information on your Event Portal can be set up and changed by your event team easier and faster than modifying your event website.

Your Event Portal is accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Event Manager App

Your event team uses the Event Manager App to set up & share event information with participants through your Event Portal. This can include event start & end dates, locations, contacts, registration forms, schedules, messages, jobs & tasks, and more.
Schedules: Your team can set up and share Schedules with relevant groups of participants. If your event had multiple participant types, say volunteers and media, your volunteers would only see the volunteer-specific schedule that you decide to share with them, while members of the media would only see the media-specific schedules you share. There's no more "email confusion" after sending out all the different schedules for your event to all your participants. Need to make a change to a schedule? No problem, make the change and the latest information is immediately available to your participants.
Messages: When you need to send messages to the public or various groups of event participants, you can create and publish Messages to your Event Portal. You can target your messages to any of your participant types. Your participants will receive an email notification that includes a brief summary and a link to the message on your Event Portal. Your participants will find the all of the messages you've published in one place!  

Click here for more information on messaging your participants.

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