In addition to charging registration fees, if your event needs to sell additional products, services or add-ons to your participants at the time of registration, use the Products feature. 

Products are a flexible way to let you sell goods & services like:

  • Event merchandise/swag
  • Parking passes
  • Meal Vouchers
  • Premium offers
  • Additional workshops or courses
  • Donations

By default, products you add to your registration form will appear to the registrant as a separate step named "Products" in the check-out process. You can customize the name and appearance of the Products check-out. For example, you can rename the Products Step to: "Add-ons", "Donate", "Courses", "Parking", "Swag", etc.

Adding Products

Once a product is created, you can add it to as many forms as you like. Products are defined and tracked globally. Any product quantity restrictions are carefully tracked and enforced across multiple forms by the ClearEvent system.
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An Example

Let's say your event has 100 parking passes available that you would like to sell to both vendors and competitors. In this case, you can simply create a new "Parking Pass" product, set it's Total Available Qty to 100 and include it on both your Vendor and Competitor registration forms.

For more details on managing products, please click here.

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