Products allow you to sell additional items to event registrants at the time they register for your event. Products are great for selling things like hats, t-shirts, parking passes, special rights, meal tickets, and more. 

Including products on a registration form

Once Products have been setup they can be included on any of your registration forms.  Products are considered to be "global". This means the same product can be added to many forms.  By adding the same Product to multiple forms, it allows the total available product quantity to be shared across all forms. This is nice when you have a limited number of items you wish to sell and would like to enforce some limit on the quantity sold.

To include products on a particular form, open the Forms section > Edit a form > click the new Products tab, and click the checkbox in the Include column to include each desired product on the form. The selected products will then be shown on the registration form to your registrants.

Once all quantity of a product has been sold, the quantity will show "SOLD OUT".

NOTE:   The product configuration (e.g. Min/Max Qty, Total Available Quantity, Default Qty, etc.) will apply to all forms which a product is included on.

Restricting Product Selections

If needed, you can enforce a minimum or maximum product quantity to be purchase by enabling the Restrictions setting and then filling in the Min Quantity and/or Max Quantity fields.

  • Min Quantity: Specifying this value will ensure that the registrant must purchase a minimum product quantity before they can continue with the checkout process.

  • Max Quantity: Specifying this value will ensure that the registrant cannot purchase more than the desired maximum product quantity. If they do, they will not be allowed to continue with the checkout process.

NOTE: If Restrictions has been enabled and the currently available product quantity is less than the Min Quantity value at checkout time, the registrant will be unable to complete their registration. 

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