The Message Details screen is where you compose communications to your event attendees.

To access the Message Details screen:

  1. Go to the Event Manager App > Messages section.
  2. Select an existing message and click Edit, or click the + Add button to add a new message

Message Details screen:

Choosing Message Recipients

By default, a new message is Public, meaning it will be sent to all attendees via email or will be seen by all attendees if it is published to your Event Portal.

Set the Recipients setting to Selected Recipients (Private) if you wish to target specific groups of registrants or ticket buyers. You can then specify the exact groups to share the message with.

Posting A Message To Your Event Portal

Messages you create can optionally be posted to your Event Portal. To post a message to your Event Portal, simply check the Publish setting. If you have selected specific recipients, the message will only be visible on your Event Portal to that recipient group.

For messages targeting specific registrant types, only approved registrants will be permitted to view the message on your Event Portal. Pending or declined registrants will not be able to view private messages on your Event Portal.

Composing Your Message

Compose your message by filling in the required fields.

  • If you plan to send the message as an email, set the Reply-to Email field to the email address where email replies will be directed.
  • Provide a Subject and a Message Body.
  • If you wish, you can include a Message Link to a valid website address that will be included at the bottom of the message.
  • You may add up to five (5) file attachments to any message. Secure download links to download these file attachments will be included in the message.

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