The Message Details screen is where you compose communications to your participants. Messages created in the Messages section are posted to your Event Portal by default. You can also choose to send an email notification to let specific groups of participants know that you've posted a message to your Event Portal.


To view the Messages section, event team members will need to be added to at least one of the following roles: 

  • Event Owner
  • Event Administrator
  • Communications Manager

Creating new messages

When a new Message is first created, it's Visibility will be set to Draft. Draft messages will not be visible to participants on your Event Portal. Only messages where the Visibility is set to Published can be seen by participants visiting your Event Portal. 

Targeting messages to specific participants

To control who will see this message, you can set the To field to All (Public) which will allow everyone to see the message on your Event Portal. Alternatively, you can choose Selected Participants (Private) and then choose one or more participant types who will be allowed to see this message, once it is published.

Only approved participants will be able to view messages posted to the Event Portal when a specific participant type has been specified. Pending or declined registrants will not be able to view private message on the Event Portal.

How to compose your message

From the Message Details screen, you can compose your message by filling out the required fields.

  • Provide message details such as Subject, Message Summary and the Message Body of the message. The Subject and Summary fields will be displayed in the list of available messages on the Event Portal. 
  • After a message is published, when you click the Send Email button, an email notification will be sent to the selected participant types. This email will contain only the Subject and Summary fields as well as a link to the Event Portal to allow the recipient to view the full message body and attachments (if any exist).
  • You may add up to five file attachments to any message.
  • Attachments can only be viewed from the Event Portal and are not attached when an email message notification is sent to the selected participants. For more information on adding attachments to your messages, click here.
  • Optionally, you can also provide a link to a webpage - just enter a valid URL in the Message Link field.

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