ClearEvent Subscriptions

ClearEvent subscription plans provide access to the great features in ClearEvent's event management system. When choosing a subscription plan, you can choose monthly billing, or annual billing.

What's the difference between a monthly subscription and the annual subscription for the same plan?

Monthly Subscriptions - A great way to start!

Monthly subscriptions are a great way to start using ClearEvent. They are a very affordable way to become familiar with the ClearEvent system. There are no contracts and the monthly subscription fees are very budget friendly as there are no large up-front costs.

Annual Subscription - A great way to save money!

Once familiar with ClearEvent, many subscribers upgrade their monthly plan to an annual plan. Upgrading your monthly plan to an annual plan provides an instant saving of 15% or more! ClearEvent annual plans give you all the power of your desired subscription plan but the overall annual cost is much less. 

Consider upgrading to an annual plan if your event is a recurring event, or you expect you will need access to ClearEvent for longer than a year.

How do I upgrade my Monthly Subscription to Annual?

To upgrade your monthly subscription:

  1. Sign in to ClearEvent and open the Event Manager App for the event you wish to upgrade.

  2. Navigate to the Event Setup section > Billing tab. This option is only available to Event Owners.

  3. The Billing tab will indicate your current plan. 

  4. At the top of the page, make sure to select Yearly Plans. The available yearly plans will be displayed.

  5. Verify your payment details are correct and update your payment card details if needed. Payment details are found under the available plans.

  6. Click the Upgrade to {Plan Name} button in the yearly plan you have selected. This takes you to the checkout page.

  7. If you have a Coupon Code make sure to enter it before you checkout.

  8. Lastly, click the Upgrade button and your plan will be upgraded!

If you have upgraded to a higher plan than your original plan, (for example upgrading from a monthly plan to the next level higher annual plan) the additional capabilities of your new plan are instantly available to you and your team.

Happy Planning!

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