The number of invitees (potential attendees) that you can send email invitations to is limited in ClearEvent by your event subscription plan. These plan limitations restrict the number of invitees that can be added to a given event.

Subscription plan limits

Depending on your subscription plan, limits apply on a per-event plan basis. Learn more here.

A banner describing these limitations for your event's subscription plan will be shown on the Invite > Settings tab and Invitees tab. This banner will show the number of Pending, Sent and Remaining Invitees for your current subscription plan. As your event approaches the invitee plan limits, you'll see an "UPGRADE" link which will allow you to upgrade to a paid plan that enables more invitees to be added. 

What happens when you reach your plan limit?

Once you've hit your plan limit, you'll no longer be able to:

  1. Manually add an invitee to the Invite (using the + Add button).
  2. Import more invitees from a file into your Invite.
  3. Copy an invite that contains enough invitees to push the invitee count over the your plan limit.

Upgrading your plan

If you need to need to send more invites than your plan allows, you can easily upgrade your plan to a paid plan. Look for the UPGRADE link in invites section banner. If the user is not an Event Organizer then an upgrade message is shown. 

Deleting invitees

If you have reached your plan limit, you can delete "Pending" invitees from your invite should you no longer wish to send an invite to a specific person. Deleting non-pending (e.g. sent, accepted, or declined) invitees will not free up additional space to add more invitees.

The invite link sent will still work for the invitee at any time they click the link even once the invite is deleted in ClearEvent.

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