The Invites section is where you manage one or more Invites


To view the Invites section, event team members will need to be added to at least one of the following roles: 

  • Event Owner
  • Event Administrator
  • Communications Manager

Creating new Invites

When a new Invite is created, various fields are set and the Invite is saved for you. The Invite Status will be set to Draft until it is sent.

How to compose your Invite

From the Settings tab, you can compose your Invite by filling out the fields presented.

  • Provide required details such as Invite Name, Reply-to Email and Subject of the invite. 
  • Fill in optional fields such as Invite Message, Custom event Date and Location  and any Call to Action links to include in the invite. 
  • A button called "No Thanks" will be included in the Invite. Any Invitee clicking this will set their status to "Declined". If the same Invitee clicks on another CTA (a link from the invite) and registers (buys a ticket) with the event, the Invitee will be updated to "Accepted". Once the status is "Accepted" it can't be changed.
  • Invitees are needed before sending the invite. This can be done manually one at a time by using the + Add button on the Invitees tab. If you have a large list you can import them together from a .CSV file. See here for more details.
  • You can preview the invite at anytime in the Preview & Send tab. When you click the Send Now button, an email will be sent to each of the invitees on the current invite.
  • The logo and background set in the Branding section will show up in the Invite.
  • The status of the Invitees is shown on the Invitees tab; Pending, Sent, Accepted, Declined and Rejected.
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