When a registrant signs up for your event, ClearEvent will send a registration approval or registration declined email notification to the registrant when their registration is approved or declined. There are times where you may need to resend these emails.

When would you need to resend an email?

You might need to resend an email in the following scenarios:

  • The registrant deleted or has lost the original registration confirmation email.

  • The registrant can't find an email notification that has been caught by a "Junk Mail" filter or was delivered to the "Promotions" tab/folder. 

  • A corporate email server spam rule blocked or quarantined the original email that was sent.

  • The registrant used an invalid (or no longer accessible) email address to register for the event.

When are registration notifications emails sent?

If your registration form's Approval Mode is set to "Automatically Approve", a approval registration notification email will be sent as soon as the registrant submits their registration.

If you registration forms's Approval Mode is set to "Manually Approve", a approval or declined notification email will be sent only when the registration is approved or declined manually by an event administrator.

How to resend an approved/declined registration notification email:

At any time, you can resend an approval or declined registration notification email by following these steps:

  • Go to the Event Manager App > Registration section > Registrants tab.

  • Select the desired registrant and then click the Edit button.

  • From the Registrant Details screen, select the Overview tab.

  • Click the Resend button (if the button is disabled, first approve or decline the registration).

  • A confirmation dialog will be shown. By default, the email notification will be resent to the registrant's email address and the Alternate Email (if specified).

    You can change the Email(s) shown to any valid email, or add additional emails. When re-sending to multiple emails, use a comma "," to separate each email. 

  • Click the Resend Email button and that's it! The email will be resent immediately.

The email was re-sent, but it was still not received!

If the registrant still does not receive the email after it was re-sent, it's possible one of the following problems could be preventing the delivery:

  • The email address is incorrect. Please confirm the email address is correct. If it is not, the registrant will have to update their email address in their ClearEvent Account and then you can try to resend the email.

  • A corporate email or spam filter is blocking the email.

  • The recipient may have reported the original email sent by ClearEvent on behalf of the event as Spam. If this happens, they will not receive any subsequent emails from ClearEvent until they remove us from their spam blacklist.

Please contact ClearEvent support if you are unable to deliver an email and we can investigate further.

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