Once you have setup, tested and published your registration forms live, it's important to promote them. Promoting and sharing your forms helps encourage attendees to register for your event. After all, how will they register if they can't find your registration forms!?

This article will discuss the various approaches you can take to share & promote your registration forms to ensure your audience can find your forms.  

All of the suggestions in this article assume you'll either share a direct link to a registration form (using the form's Share Link), or that you'll share a link to a list of all forms (on the Register page of your Event Portal). 

Either way, you'll need to find and copy a link to your registration form(s) that you can then share.

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To find the Share Link that will direct people to a a specific registration form:

  1. Go to Event Manager App > Registration section > Forms tab.

  2. From the list of registration forms, select the form you wish to share and click the Edit button.

  3. From the Form Designer screen, click the Publish tab.

  4. Copy the link from the Share Link field.

Here's how to get a link to the list of currently published registration forms.

  1. Go to Event Manager App > Registration section > Forms tab. 

  2. Ensure all of the registration forms you wish to share have been published.

  3. Next, go to the Event Setup section > General tab.

  4. Copy the value from the Share Link field.

  5. Before sharing this link, modify the link by appending "/register" to the end of the link.

Clicking the link above will take the registrant to a list of currently published registration forms for your event. Here's an example for our sample event: 

Approaches to sharing your forms & inviting attendees

The following are some common ways you can share and promote your registration forms to encourage event registrations:


If you have existing marketing channels like a mailing list, email newsletter, or have other ways of reaching your audience through direct email outreach, this can be an effective way to communicate the Share Link that you copied above and invite people to register for your event.

Regularly include the desired Share Link in all communication messages you send through your existing marketing channels.

TIP: See the "Sample Invite" section below for an sample template you can use as a starting point.

Event Website:

Many events already have an event website. If so, you can include the Share Link on any existing web page. This will direct website visitors from your existing website to ClearEvent to complete the registration process. You may need to work with your website administrator to make these changes.

For example, let's say your current event website has a VIP page that describes and promotes your VIP program at your event. On your VIP page, you can include a link to your VIP registration form.

Be sure to use clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs) like "Register Now" or "VIP Registration Open". Ideally, you only want one registration CTA per page.

Social Media:

Social media is another great way to communicate registration form Share Links to your followers. You can paste the Share Link into a post or message on most popular social network platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Linked In). 

You'll want to frequently post to these social media channels to give your message the best chance of being seen by your followers. We recommend using a consistent hashtag (if applicable) across as many social networks as possible. 

TIP: Be sure to communicate your official event hashtag to your participants by setting the Hashtag setting in the Event Manager App > Event Setup section > Twitter Hashtag field.

Facebook Call-to-Action Button

If you have a Facebook page for your event, you can set the Call-to-Action button (e.g. a "Sign Up" button) for pages to drive visitors to your registration forms. Learn how to add a call-to-action button here.

Simply paste a the Share Link to your registration form (found here) as the link for the Facebook Call-to-Action button.

Customers who add a call-to-action button to their Facebook page generally report a 2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements aimed to drive new event sign ups

LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn is considered by many to be the de facto social media network for business professionals. Many events that target a business audiences also maintain a profile and network on LinkedIn and wish to promote their event to their LinkedIn audience.

Using LinkedIn Events can be an effective way of promoting your event to a large network of business professionals and LinkedIn communities that may have an interest to attend your event.

To learn more about how to connect ClearEvent with LinkedIn Events, click here.

Digital Ad Campaigns

If you're already running digital ad campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, or others, a great way to extend your reach is to target the audiences your ads are reaching to encourage registrations. For example, you could use Facebook Custom Audiences to find an audience that contains people similar to the ones that have visited your website. You can then create an ad to encourage audience members to register for your event.

Social Referrals:

When a registrant submits a registration form, ClearEvent's built-in social sharing features encourage the registrant to share the event with their friends on Twitter or Facebook.


If your event already has a pool of past or current registrants, they can be a great resource to use to grow and promote your event. Whenever you communicate with this group, include messaging that encourages them to refer someone else to your event. You can further encourage current participants to generate referrals by offering them something in return for a successful referral, like a prize, referral fee or maybe just a big social media "high-five"!


A great way to encourage attendance to your event is through an engaging video. Get your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, competitors, and volunteers excited about participating in your event by making it easy to imagine themselves at your event. 

A simple highlight reel that's focused on a specific attendee experiences is a great way to show potential attendees what it's like to be a part of your amazing event. This may be as simple as a slideshow of pictures, or a highly produced video segment. Either way, keep it short and sweet!

Another option is to gather testimonial from past attendees and create a video to show how much value the attendee received from your event.

At the end of the video, make sure to include a Call-To-Action (CTA) that directs the viewer to the appropriate registration form. Many video hosting sites allow linking. YouTube, for example, uses Cards. Click here to see how.

Post your video to as many places as you can (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, etc...).


Your event is likely affiliated with other organizations, sanctioning bodies, industry partners, and even sponsors. Reach out to them as ask for them to promote and link to your registration forms to encourage sign ups. These links are called backlinks and they will also help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) domain authority of your website, providing more visibility and reach.

Sample Invites 

Regardless of the approach you use to share your registration forms, we recommend you include a brief message to potential registrants that explains the sign-up process and its benefits. 

Here's is an example for a sample conference event called "BizConf". Feel free to use it as a starting point:

Sample Message:


Subject: "BizConf 2021 event registration is now open! 

Message Body:
Hi {{FirstName}},

Registration for BizConf 2021 is is now open! Sharing knowledge and staying connected is more important than ever. Join your business community to learn, connect, expand your skillset today, and innovate for tomorrow. Experience keynotes and workshops from industry experts

BizConf sells our every year, so register now before it's too late!

Register Now <-- Insert registration form Share Link here

If you have event related questions, please contact us directly at bizconf@example.com

Support us by forwarding this invite to a friend or colleague!

See you at the event!

The BizConf team


Other Tips:

  • If your event is run by an organization with a separate communications department, be sure to pass along the Share Link that you'd like them to communicate to your audience. 

  • Create a custom email signature for your event team members and use it when sending emails. The custom email signature can contain a simple message and a link similar to "Event registration is now open. Sign up now!".

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