Creating private registration forms is helpful if your event is by invite only, or you don't want the registration form to be available to the general public and shown on the Register page of your Event Portal.

When you add a new registration form to an event, it is public by default. This means the form will be visible on the Register page of your Event Portal when it has been published and the current date is within the Open and Close dates set for the form.

Creating a private form:

You can make any existing form private by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Event Manager App > Registration section > Forms tab, and edit the form you want to make private.

  2. Click on the Publish tab.

  3. Uncheck the Show on Event Portal checkbox. This will also disable the Social Sharing checkbox and will prevent any social sharing links from being shown on the registration form.

Sharing a private form

For a private registration form, you are expected to share the private "Share Link" only with the registrants you want to register using the private form. Read mode here...

Do not post Share Links for private registration forms in a public place since anyone in possession of the link will be able to register for your event.

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