ClearEvent's budget gives you complete control to add, edit and delete the various line items in your budget.

Not all subscription plans support this feature. Click here for details.

Add new Category

Click + Category on the Revenue header row or on the Expenses header row. A new category will then be created at the end of the section, ready for you to edit. The new category can be moved using the up/down arrows in the inline button menu.

Add new Line Item

Every category has a new line at the end. Simply enter your details in the empty line. When you are done entering, hit return, tab or click on a different line and another new line will appear at the end of the category. You do not have to enter a value in all the cells.

Edit Categories and Lines

Descriptions, quantities and amounts can be edited at any time. Only the Description on a category can be edited, the other fields in categories are updated automatically based on the line items in that category.
To edit a cell in a category or line, click on the cell you want to change and make your changes. When you are done, Tab to the next cell, hit Enter or click on a different line item. Your changes are saved automatically.

Deleting Categories and Lines

Categories can be deleted. Click to select the category you wish to delete. Once selected, click the red trashcan button to delete the category and all of it's line items. 

If you only want to delete the category and keep the line items, move the line items to another category first. The system will ask that you confirm the delete action when you delete a category.
Budget Line Items can be deleted (provided the line item is not a Smart Budget Line Item). Click to select the line item you wish to delete. Once selected, click the red trashcan button to delete the line item.

Tip: You can quick-delete (by suppressing the delete confirmation prompt) by holding the SHIFT key and then click the red delete button.

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