When a new event is created in ClearEvent, the Event Owner is defaulted to ClearEvent Account holder who created the event. It does not matter if the person creating the event is using a license that has been sent to them from an Organization Admin.

NOTE: There is always at least one Event Owner for any event in ClearEvent.

How to Assign Event Ownership

Event Owners can designate any existing event team member to be an Event Owner by setting the appropriate Security Role for that event team member. This can happen in two ways.

1. By Invitation:

You can invite a new team member to your team that you wish to become the new owner of the event. To do this, go to the Event Manager App > Event Setup > Admin tab and click the + Invite button. When the Event Admin is invited, the security roles for that Event Admin must be selected. An Event Owner can specify that the new Event Admin will be an Event Owner.

2. Promote an existing event team member:

An existing event team member can be assigned to the Event Owner role at any time. To do this go to the Event Manager App > Event Setup > Admin tab and click the Roles button for the existing event team member that you with to make an event owner. In the Edit Roles dialog, assign the "Event Owner" role. Once those updates are saved, that event team member will now be considered an Event Owner.

Other considerations:

Updating Payment Plan Details

If you are on a paid event plan and are receiving monthly or yearly charges from ClearEvent, you may wish to transfer these charges to the new event owner. 

To update the credit card details that are on file with ClearEvent:

  1. Go to the Event Manager App > Event Setup > Billing tab.

  2. Scroll down past the payment plans.

  3. Click the Update Credit Card button and fill in the new card details.

Updating your Payment Gateway (Stripe Account)

WARNING: Changing your Stripe account mid-event is not recommended! Doing so will prevent you from issuing refunds and managing payments that were received through the old Stripe account that you will more than likely not control.

If you are transferring event ownership and have been using a personal Stripe account that's connected to your personal bank account (hopefully you've set up a separate Stripe account and Bank account for your event) and you need to switch your Stripe account, please follow these instructions.

How are Event Owners changed?

If you have been assigned the Event Owner security, you won't be able to remove yourself from this role. You'll first need to assign the Event Owner security role to another event team member and then ask them to either change your security role or remove you from the event.

If you have multiple event team members that have been assigned the Event Owner security role, you can of course change modify these team member's security roles at any time provided you yourself are in the Event Owner security role.
To change an Event Owner for an event, follow these steps:

  1. If the new event owner is not already on your event team, invite the new event owner to your event team. Be sure to assign them the Event Owner security role. Wait for them to accept the invite before continuing.

  2. If the intended event owner is already a part of your team ensure they have been assigned to the Event Owner security role.

  3. If you no longer will be involved in the event, ask the new Event Owner to go to the Event Manager App > Event Setup > Admin tab and either remove you from the team, or change your role (if you will no longer require the Event Owner security role).

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