ClearEvent provides an extremely convenient and easy way for your event to accept payments from your participants, in three modes:

This support article covers the following topics:

  • Overview - Accept Fees & Online Payments from your participants.
  • Set up and connect your Stripe account
  • Add Fees to your registration forms.
  • Accepting registration payments
  • Transferring money from Stripe to your event bank account.
  • Working with different currencies


Accepting Online payments is easy with ClearEvent. The following image shows how it works.

Here's what happens when a participant signs up using a registration form that has been configured to charge a fee using the Online payment mode:

  1. Your participants register with your event using registration forms you create in ClearEvent's Event Manager App.
  2. Payments to your event are processed by Stripe and deposited into your Stripe account.
  3. Money is transferred from your Stripe account into your event's bank account on a 2 — 7 day rolling basis.
  4. Your event Budget is automatically updated.
  5. The Dashboard section lets you know how your event is doing.

What will I need to setup my Stripe Account?

You'll first need a Bank Account where the net funds from your event can be deposited. Stripe will deposit net funds from your event to this account on a rolling 2-7 day basis.

Navigate to the Payments section. Simply click Payments in the left side menu in ClearEvent's Event Manager App

Follow the instructions in the Payments section to connect your Stripe account. (Detailed instructions here.) Don't worry if you don't have a Stripe account, you can create one during this process. You'll first be navigated to Stripe's website. Fill out the fields to create your Stripe account. If you already have a Stripe account, you can log in to that account.

When creating a new Stripe account, enter your bank account details so Stripe knows where to send your funds. The following information will be needed to compete your new Stripe account. The type of information required depends on where your bank is based.

United States:

  • Routing Number (e.g. "111000000")
  • Account Number (Format varies by bank)


  • Transit Number (e.g. "12345")
  • Institution Number (e.g. "987")
  • Account Number (Format varies by bank)

Note: you do not need a Stripe Account to accept Manual Payments. 

How do I connect a Stripe account?

If you don't already have one, go to the Event Manager App > Payments section and connect your Stripe account to your event.

How do I charge registrants to attend my event?

Once your Stripe Payments Account is connected to your event, go to the Event Manager App > Forms section to add new Registration Forms to accept payments from participants like competitors, vendors, sponsors, VIPs and more! 

Add Online Payments to your form

Open your form for editing and select the Fees tab. (Detailed Instructions for adding fees found here.) When adding a new fee to your form in the Fees tab, make sure to set the Payment Mode to Online. 

When you add new fees to any of your Forms, ClearEvent automatically creates a corresponding Smart Budget Line Item in your event Budget to track your payments from this fee. When you receive payments, ClearEvent automatically updates your budget for you!

Configuring payment transfer schedules

When payments are made by your participants, the net funds are processed and added to your Stripe account. 

To save time and effort, your funds will be automatically transferred to the bank account listed on your Stripe account on a 2— 7 day rolling basis. For example, charges processed on March 1st through March 7th will be grouped together and deposited in your bank account on March 8th.

Details of all transfers to your bank account are available on your Stripe dashboard.

Configure your transfer schedule in your Stripe dashboard to simplify your accounting. Stripe currently offers the option for funds to be transferred daily, weekly (on a custom day of the week), or monthly (on a custom day of the month).

Working with different currencies

ClearEvent and Stripe does not require your Bank Account to be the same Currency as currency for your Event.  If this is the case, payments processed by your event will be processed in the currency of the event.   The funds from the transaction will be converted by Stripe to the currency of your bank account.  Note: currency conversion rates are determined on a daily basis by the financial institution. 

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