Importing budget data into ClearEvent's budget is a snap! No need to key in revenue and expense data line by line. 

Not all subscription plans support this feature. Click here for details.
ClearEvent saves you time and effort, and reduces errors by making it easy to import your existing data into the Budget.
 Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Budget and click Import.
  2. The Import dialog has two buttons for the import step - Get the Template and Select .CSV file.
  3. Click Get the Template to download an example .CSV Excel file that is exactly the right format for importing into ClearEvent. Don't change any of the headings as these are used by ClearEvent in the import process.
  4. Add your budget details to be imported to the Excel template, one row per line item. There are two example line items included in the template, one revenue item and one expense item. Every line must have an entry in each column with a heading. It is okay to enter 0 if there is no other data available for each value in the import file.
  5. Save your file. It is important to keep the .CSV extension.
  6. Now your file is ready for import. Go back to the Budget section.
  7. Click Import -> Select .CSV file, and browse to select your .csv file that contains your budget details to be imported. Click OK.
  8. Your budget details will be imported! When done, the indicator will show green 100% with the name of your file.
  9. If there are any problems with the data being imported, the details will be shown in the import dialog, and the import will be cancelled. Use the details to correct the missing or confusing information in the import file.
  10. You can import additional import files as needed.
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