When you start a new event in ClearEvent the Budget is blank, ready for your first entries.
Not all subscription plans support this feature. Click here for details.

There are three ways to start building your budget, depending on what budget information you are starting with. Your blank budget offers the following choices:

  • Use Sample Budget - ClearEvent will load a comprehensive set of categories and line items. Use this as a great starting point and easy way to get your budget set up. Categories that you don't expect to use can be deleted, and additional categories and line items can be added, leaving you with a complete budget with minimal effort.
  • Manually add lines - Click + Revenue Category or + Expense Category and build your event budget from scratch.
  • Import an existing budget - Your existing budget may be the best starting point. Click the Import button and follow the on-screen instructions. More details about Importing budgets here. Now your budget has been imported, you can add new categories and lines as needed to track the event's funds.
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