Your event TODO list is a core asset for your event! Read more to find out why!

Why TODOs?

The event TODO list is just like a recipe - if it has all the right steps, with all the right dates, your event team can follow the steps, and your event will be created on time and will be well received by your participants.
Many event organizers use a personal TODO list to track the many things that they need to do for each event. This approach works well for that person, but it doesn't do much to help the team.
When two or more event organizers are in your event team, you need a TODO list that is designed for teams. 

ClearEvent TODO's: Better for your team, much better for your event!

There are three big reasons why the ClearEvent TODO list matters to your team and your event.

Reason 1: Visibility Reduces Risk

With the event's TODO items in one place, the event team has visibility to everything that needs to be done and has been done. The Dashboard always shows what TODOs need to be done next and is a convenient way to track progress.
ClearEvent TODOs can be sorted and filtered to show just the TODOs you care about. Click here to read more about filtering and sorting TODOs.
If one part of your event is not coming together on schedule, the event team can see it early, and make adjustments while there's still time available.
Importantly, the collection of TODOs become a key record of HOW to make your event happen!
Many events do not have this in any form at all! And if they do, it's often in a form that can't easily be shared. That's a huge risk if much of what it takes to set up and run your event is in someones head or locked up in their personal files which are usually not available to the rest of the team. We've heard countless horror stories from event organizers of joining an event and having to start from scratch because nothing was written down in a form that could be easily handed to them.
When someone comes up with improvements, capture them as new TODOs. Once in ClearEvent, those TODOs become part of the overall plan for the event.
The easiest way to reduce risk for current and future event teams, and for your event itself, is to get all the TODO items written down and into ClearEvent as soon as possible!

Reason 2: Balance the load.

Having an event team is great because it lets you share TODOs around the team. Most event teams are working on their event for months on end so sharing the load helps reduce the risk of folks being overburdened or burning out.
Items on the event TODO list can often be performed by by more than one person. Putting all the TODOs on a central list, makes it so much easier to swap TODOs items between event admins to share the load.
Changes to assignments can be easily made as often or as infrequently as needed. If someone is overloaded or less available to the event, it is very easy to allocate TODOs to someone else on your team. This ensures that everything keeps moving forward and minimizes delays and schedule risk.

Reason 3: Event Team lineup changes

Some events have a stable team with little turnover, others see event team members leaving and joining regularly. Lineup changes on your event team creates challenges and opportunities:

  • Information Loss - When someone leaves, there's risk that they take valuable information with them that the event needs.
  • Simplify and improve on-boarding - When new people join your event team, make it easy for them to come up to speed and be productive on your event
  • Prevent boredom/staleness/burnout - Changing up responsibilities is a great way to keep things interesting and spread the knowledge across your event team. This is especially important for teams where it is hard to find replacements
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