The Event Setup section defines key event details and is the place where you enter much of the information about your event that you will share with the public via your Event Portal for this event.
Most of what you will enter in Event Setup is self-explanatory. There are a few items that require a little more info. All parts of the Event Setup section are described below.

How do I get to Event Setup?

IMPORTANT: Only Event Owners and Event Administrators have access to the Event Setup section.
When you log into ClearEvent, the My Events page will load, listing all the events you are involved with.
For events where you are part of the organizing team you will see a Manage button on the listing for those events.

Clicking the Manage button will take you into the Event Manager for that event, and the event Dashboard will load.
On the left side of the Event Manager will be all the sections that you have access to. (Event Owner and the Event Administrators can select access rights for the event team members.) 

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