The Registrant Status Widget shows progress on all of your Approved and Pending registrations. It's easy to track your registrations in real-time!

Each registration is listed by Registrant Type. Hover your mouse cursor over each progress bar for a Registrant Type to see a tooltip containing the number of Approved Registrations, Target Registrations, and Capacity

Clicking on any of the individual Registrant Type progress bars will drill down to a listing registrants for the selected Registrant Type.

In the image above, the values to the right of the Registrant Type description (e.g. "3/5/10") display the following information:

  • Current: The total number of Approved & Pending registrations currently received for the given Registrant Type.

  • Target: The registration target (Approved registrants) for the given Registrant Type. No value will be shown here if there is no target set.

  • Capacity: The Approved registration capacity allowed for the given Registrant Type. No value will be shown here if there is no capacity set.

At any time, you can hover your cursor over any of the values for a description of what the value represents:

At the bottom of the Registrant Status widget is a registration progress line chart. The line chart helps you understand the rate of registration over time (a flat line over a long period of time indicates slow registrations). Below the line chart, the total of all Approved and Pending registrations received for the current event is shown:

What data is shown in this widget?

Only Approved and Pending registrations contribute to the totals shown in the Registrant Status widget. When you Cancel or Decline a registration, the totals shown will be adjusted to remove the declined registration.

Changing the Capacity and Target for a Registrant Type

When one of your registration forms sells out you'll see a "Capacity Reached" label shown like so:

If you'd like to increase the Capacity of the event, just click the label to edit for registration form. Alternately, go to the Registration section > Forms tab, edit a form and in the Form Designer go to the Settings tab. 

From here can change the Target and Capacity values:

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