The Event Portal allows events to communicate important event details to participants. If you're attending an event, all the details you'll need are on the Event Portal. Attendees don't need to dig through their email inbox to find those important event details because the Event Portal is always up to date with the latest event information.

You can access access the Event Portal from any mobile or desktop browser. It's simple to access by:

  1. visiting the Event Portal directly using the link provided to you by the event organizer OR ...

  2. visiting in your web browser and signing in to access the My Events list and clicking the Event Portal button for the desired event.

  3. Save the portal as an icon on your device desktop and just click the icon to access the Portal. Step by step instructions are here.

Key Features of the Event Portal:

  • Find all the details of the event in one place. No more searching your inbox for emails from the organizer. 

  • Find out about event sponsors and event deals offered by sponsors.

  • Get directions to important event locations.

  • Know when & where you need to be at all times.

  • Lookup important event information and event contact details.

  • Receive a personalized experience when you sign in. See personalized schedules, messages, jobs & task assignments (if assigned to jobs).

  • Send the event feedback

What can you do with the Event Portal?

The Event Portal's easy-to-use start page displays a number of simple buttons that you can click to learn more about the event and engage with the event team. 

  • Event Info - Displays event information like the event description, where, when and special properties attached to the event.

  • Sell Tickets - Earn revenue for your event by selling different ticket types and collecting online payments.

  • Registration - Let's visitors register for an event using one of your published & open registration forms

  • Promote Sponsors - Show sponsor banners on the portal. Show a sponsor logo browser enabling attendees to quickly find out about your sponsors.

  • Schedules - See a customized list (when signed in) of the various published event schedules you are permitted to see.

  • Contacts - Look up key event contacts that have been published by the event team.

  • Messages - Read personalized messages sent by the event team.

  • My Jobs - Access a personalized list of jobs & tasks that have been assigned by the event team. This link will only show if you sign into the Portal and the account is part of the event team or assigned to a job.

  • Locations - Find key event locations that have been published by the event team.

  • Feedback - Easily send feedback to the event to help them improve it for next time.

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