The ClearEvent platform provides Event Organizers four modes to receive & track event registration payments.   

Whenever possible, the recommended mode would be to use Online payments, but depending on your specific situation that may not be desirable or possible.

It is possible to accept both Online and Manual payment modes for the same event, or even on the same registration form by adding multiple registration fees to the form.

For example: consider an event that is some form of competition; you could decide to accept only online fees from your competitors, only checks from your Sponsors and then provide the option of payment by check OR online from Vendors. Or, you could provide Competitors with an online fee option at one price, but then give offline / on-site option at a different price.

Any combination is possible! The ClearEvent platform gives you all that flexibility.

Enable Fees on your registration forms

It's possible to enable fees to collect payment on any registration form.

  1. Go to the Registration section > Forms tab, and Edit a form.

  2. In the Form Designer, select the Fees tab.

  3. Check Receive Payments to allow fees to be added to the form.

Once enabled, you must define at least one registration fee or the form can not be saved.     

If you no longer wish to receive payments on a particular form, you can simply uncheck the Receive Payments.  

Note:  If the form is currently published, then you first need to un-publish the form before you can disable payments. 

When configuring registration forms to receive payments, here are some key features to be aware of:

  • There is no limit to how many registration fees you can have on each form, but only a single fee can be selected during the registration checkout process.

  • You can enable alternative pricing for early and/or late registrations.

  • Each registration fee can only have a single payment mode (Online, Offline or On-site). The Online payment method is the only payment method that allows the registrant to provide payment details online.


If you wish to register competitors for your event, but different entry fees are needed based on the category of the competitor, it would be best to create one form, with a Registrant Type of "Competitor", and then create different registration fees for each category, like so:  

  • Junior Fee for $10,

  • Senior for $20,

  • Elite for $30, etc.  

With this approach, when a competitor registers they would first prompted to select a registration fee that corresponds to their category, and then would complete the rest of the registration process.  

For more information on collecting fees, click on these topics below:

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