LinkedIn is considered by many to be the de facto social media network for business professionals. Many events that target a business audiences also maintain a profile and network on LinkedIn and wish to promote their event to their LinkedIn audience.

Using LinkedIn Events can be an effective way of promoting your event to a large network of business professionals and LinkedIn communities that may have an interest to attend your event.

Connecting LinkedIn Events with ClearEvent

LinkedIn Events allows any LinkedIn account holder to create a basic live or online event that directs people to your ClearEvent registration forms to sign up for your event. Combining ClearEvent and LinkedIn Events allows you to consolidate all of your event registrations in ClearEvent's robust event management platform, making it easy to collect fees, manage attendees, and organize & plan your event.

Before you start

Before you get started, you'll need to have already created your event using the ClearEvent platform. We recommend that you perform the following steps once your event is set up and made live in ClearEvent

Creating your LinkedIn Event

Within the Admin view of your LinkedIn profile page, open the Admin tools drop down in the right-hand corner. Select Create an event.

You can also create an event from your LinkedIn member profile by navigating to the Events panel on the left-hand side of your LinkedIn home screen.

For full details and to learn more about creating LinkedIn Events click here.

Connecting ClearEvent

To connect ClearEvent to your LinkedIn Event, be sure to paste the link to your ClearEvent Event Portal into the Ticketing website field. You can paste any of the following types of ClearEvent links into the Ticketing website field:

  1. Event Portal Link:
    You can find this link by opening ClearEvent's Event Manager App > Event Setup section > General tab > Event Portal area > Share Link. If your event offers both paid registration & tickets, this link is usually the best link to use.

  2. Direct Registration Form Link:
    You can set a direct link to a specific registration form if you prefer. To find the registration form link, open ClearEvent's Event Manager App > Registration section > Forms tab > Edit the desired published form > Publish tab > Share Link. If your event only offers a single type of registration, this link is usually the best link to use.

  3. Direct Tickets Link:
    You can set a direct link to purchase tickets if you prefer. To find the ticket purchase link, open ClearEvent's Event Manager App > Tickets section > Tickets tab > Edit the desired ticket > Publish tab > Share Links area and copy the desired type of ticket share link. If your event only offers ticket sales, one of the available ticket link types is usually the best to use.

Once your event is created, LinkedIn members wishing to sign up for your event will be directed to your Event in the ClearEvent platform to either register, or buy tickets.

Sharing your LinkedIn Event

After your event is created and connect to ClearEvent, you can share your Page, invite connections, and post content to your LinkedIn Event Page, as well as the ClearEvent Event Portal.

In summary

By creating a LinkedIn Event and connecting it to ClearEvent, you'll have the benefit of being able to consolidate event registration and ticket sales into a single, easy to manage location in ClearEvent. You'll also receive the benefits of using LinkedIn's promotional features to share and invite your LinkedIn network and communities to your event.

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