How Do I Add A Promo Code

Promo Codes can be created and applied to any paid ticket or paid registration form you have set up in ClearEvent. 

Not all subscription plans support this feature. Click here for details.

  1. In the Event Manager App > Promo Codes section. 
  2. If you have not added any promo codes, click +Add a Promo Code button.
  3. Or, if Promo Codes exist, click +Add button from the top menu.

How Do I Edit An Existing Promo Code

  1. In the Event Manager App > Promo Codes section. 
  2. In the Promo Codes tab, select an existing promotion from the list 
  3. Click the Edit button to open the editor.

Promo Code Settings

Promo Codes are very flexible and can be configured to meet a wide range of needs. 

  • Published: Set this field to Yes to activate the Promo Code and allow it to be redeemed.
  • Promo Code: This is the actual Promo Code that the buyer must enter at the time of checkout. You can provide a custom Promo Code value (e.g. "AVOCADOLOVE", "VIP25", "FRIEND", etc.). The following characters are accepted: "A-Z", "a-z", and dash ("-"). We suggest using at least 6 characters for your Promo Codes and values that are not easily guessable.Alternately, you can select the Use auto-generated Promo Code checkbox and the system will generate a random code for you.Once you have published a Promo Code, the Promo Code setting field will be locked. If you need to change the Promo Code, instead delete the existing Promo Code and then create a new Promo Code.
  • Discount Value: You can set the discount value of your promo code. For tickets the discount value you enter here will be applied to each applicable ticket in a ticket order. For registration forms, the discount value will be applied only to the fee selected during registration (discounts will not be applied to any Products purchased during registration). NOTE: If the promo code reduces the costs to 0 (zero) then no credit card is required to register/buy a ticket.Choose the Percent (default) option to offer a percentage-based discount. Choose the Amount option to offer a fixed dollar amount discount (in the event currency). 
  • Category: Provide an optional category to help you sort and organize your Promo Codes.
  • Redemptions: This setting control how many times a Promo Code can be redeemed. Choose the Single Use (the default) option when the Promo Code should only be applied once. Single Use Promo Codes will only be applied to a single ticket within a ticket order and can never be applied more than once. For tickets, the Promo Code will be applied in the order the tickets are listed in the Ticket Order until the number of redemptions is reached. For registration forms, the Promo Code will only be applied to the registration fee (it will not be applied to Products added to the registration order).Choose the Multiple Use option when you want to allow the Promo Code to be applied more than once. When the Multiple Use option is selected, you can enter the maximum number of redemptions you want to allow into the Max Redemptions field. To allow unlimited redemptions, leave the Max Redemptions field blank. An example: let's say you want to limit a Promo Code to be redeemed for a maximum of two (2) ticket purchases. In this case, set Max Redemptions to "2".
  • Valid From / Valid To: These settings limit the date range within which the Promo Code can be redeemed. Leave both fields blank if you do not wish to impose any date/time restrictions on Promo Code redemption.
  • Applies To:  This setting allows you to choose which paid tickets and paid registration forms that the Promo Code can be applied to. This is useful if you only want to offer promotional pricing on a subset of tickets or registration forms. Choose the All Items (the default) option to allow the Promo Code to be applied to all published and paid tickets or registrations. NOTE: You cannot apply a Promo Code to free tickets or free registrations, so they will not listed on the Tickets / Registration Forms tab.Choose the Specific Items option when you need to be able to pick which specific tickets or registration forms the Promo Code can be redeemed for. 
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