Deciding between tickets and registration can be confusing.  It’s hardly surprising because tickets and registration are similar in some ways and quite different in others. The good news, is that ClearEvent has you covered and allows you to offer both tickets and registration to your guests!

Tickets are fast to set up. They're generally best used to sell simple access to your event (a general admission ticket, day pass, party admission, free ticket, etc.). Tickets are great when you want to allow an attendee to quickly purchase admission for themselves as well as other guests, and you only need to collect basic attendee details (or no attendee details at all) from ticket holders. 

Registration allows you to collect personal details from an individual that will attend your event. Registration is best used when you need to create your own custom questions to collect specific details from an individual attending your event (e.g. Vendor, Exhibitor, Competitor, VIP, Media, etc...). Registration also provides additional capabilities to review & approve registrants, defer payment collection, and can support different online & offline fee payment options. 

For more details, check out this blog post: Tickets And Registration Part 1: What’s The Difference?

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