When you create a new event in ClearEvent, you'll want to set a primary location to make it easy for your event attendees to find your event. 

Where Is The Primary Event Address Displayed?

Once a primary address location has been set, it will be displayed to your attendees in a number of places:

  • On your registration forms and tickets you sell through ClearEvent.
  • In registration confirmation emails and ticket order confirmation emails (including attached e-tickets) sent from ClearEvent.
  • In the header of your Event Portal and in the Event Portal > Locations and Event Info sections.

All other secondary locations will only be displayed on your Event Portal > Locations section and Event Portal > Event Info sections.

How To Set Your Event's Primary Location

To configure your event's primary location:

  • Open the Event Manager App.
  • Go to the Event Setup section and select the Locations tab.
  • Click the +Add an Event Location button or +Add toolbar button to add new locations. 
  • If the location is your primary address, check the Primary Location checkbox from the list of locations you have added. Only a single location can be selected as your primary location.
  • Click the Save button.

Multiple Locations

If your event has multiple (or secondary) locations that you would like to communicate to your attendees, you can add them all to ClearEvent to make them easy . 

Setting up multiple locations can help communicate:

  • your event's primary on-site address location for attendees.
  • a mailing address location.
  • a shipment receiving address location.
  • a sub-event location (e.g. after-party, worker/staff meeting, etc.)

Happy planning!

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