Registration forms can be copied within an event, or can be copied from one event to another event that you manage.

How to copy a registration form:

  1. Go to the Event Manager App > Registration section > Forms tab.

  2. Select the form you would like to copy from the list of existing forms and then select the Copy button from the inline menu.

    If you manage a single event
    : you'll be prompted to confirm the copy action. Choose Yes and the form will be copied within your current event. You can then select the new form copy and click the Edit button to update the form settings as needed.

    If you manage multiple events:
    you'll be prompted to choose which event you'd like to copy the form to. The list of events presented must be within an organization that you have administrative permission to access. By default, the form will be copied to the current event, but you can change the event using the drop down list. After selecting the desired event, click the Copy button. The form will be copied to the selected event. You can then navigate to the destination event to edit the copied form.

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