The ticket buyer checkout experience can be customized by adjusting global settings that apply to all ticket orders.

By adjusting global tickets settings you can control:

  • how long the ticket buyer has to complete their order before their reservation expires
  • where to redirect the ticket buyer to after a successful order is completed
  • the confirmation message that is shown to the ticket buyer when their order is complete
  • the message to show when all tickets sales have closed
  • the ticket order refund policy shown to the ticket buyer
  • the event waiver that must be accepted before a ticket order can be completed
  • the event contact email address made available to the ticket buyer should they have questions
  • if social media button should be displayed to allow the ticket buyer to help promote event ticket sales
  • if a print button should be shown after a successful order is completed
  • if the Mobile Ticket Check-In App should be enabled to allow scanning tickets at your event, and if multi-day check-ins should be allowed

How To Adjust Global Ticket Settings

To adjust global ticket settings:

  1. Open the Event Manager App for your event.
  2. Go to the Tickets section > Settings tab.
  3. Adjust the necessary settings and click Save to apply your settings.
  • Reservation Time Limit: The number of minutes to hold a reservation for a ticket buyer before the reservation expires. Consider how much information you are asking of the buyer and make sure you allocate enough time to avoid their reservation from expiring too soon.
    TIP: If you expect to collect information from each ticket holder, you should consider increasing the time limit.
  • Redirect Action: Determines where ticket buyers are redirected to after they complete their purchase. You can direct them back to your Event Portal where they can find additional event details, or you can redirect them to some other website link or thank you page of your choosing.
  • Confirmation Message: The confirmation message will be displayed to the ticket buyer after a successful purchase. It will also be included in the purchase confirmation email the ticket buyer will receive.
  • Sale Closed Message: The message to show to ticket buyers when there are no tickets available to order. This message is shown when there are no published tickets, or when no ticket sale start date has been reached.
  • Refund Policy: ClearEvent requires events that sell tickets to provide a refund policy. The Refund Policy is shown during checkout and is also included on the receipt that is emailed to the ticket buyer.
  • Waiver/Terms: If you need ticket buyers to acknowledge a waiver, your event's terms & conditions or a refund policy, you can include that text here. Ticket buyers must acknowledge any text entered here before they'll be allowed to purchase their tickets.
  • Contact Email: Enter a contact email to allow ticket buyers to contact your event team with questions. Enter a single email address as the contact point for all ticket sales.
  • Send Notification?: Indicates if a notification email should be sent to the event contact specified above whenever a ticket order is received.
  • Social Sharing: Show social media sharing buttons after successful ticket purchase.
  • Show Print Button: When enabled will show a print button below the confirmation message after a successful ticket order has been received, allowing the ticket buyer to easily print their tickets immediately after their order is placed. A copy of their tickets are also emailed to the ticket buyer should they wish to later print them, or simply present them at the event directly from their mobile device.

Mobile Ticket Check-In Settings

  • Enable Check-In: Enables the ability for the Mobile Ticket Check-In App to scan ticket QR codes to check-in ticket holders for your event. Generally, to prevent early/accidental check-ins, this setting should be left disabled until you are ready to start checking-in ticket holders.
  • Multi-Day Check-In: This setting applies to events that run over multiple days. To allow a ticket holder to be checked in a maximum of once per day, you should enable the Multi-Day Check-In setting. By default, a ticket holder can only be checked-in once per event using the Mobile Ticket Check-In App, helping to enforce access control.
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