In some cases, you may find that a single ClearEvent Account holder needs to register multiple attendees for your event.

Some common scenarios where this may be needed are:

  • An Executive Assistant needs to register multiple company executives for your event. All event communication for these executives should be sent through the Executive Assistant.

  • A parent is registering on behalf of another family member or child that does not have an email account.

ClearEvent supports these scenarios with no additional configuration needed.

To register on behalf of another person, the primary ClearEvent Account holder simply needs to fill in their own email address into the Registrant Email field instead of the registrant's email address when prompted.


Sally is an Executive Assistant and is submitting a registration on behalf of two company execs (Joanne and Bill).

In this example, Sally would provide her own email ( as the Registrant Email for both registrations.

This way, both registrations for Joanne and Bill will be associated with a single ClearEvent Account (for and all email communications will be directed to the same email address.

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